Mindful Mums Free Support Group

depressed mother holding newborn baby
  • Are you having a tough time after giving birth to your baby? 
  • Surprised at the kind of emotions you're feeling and the kinds of thoughts you're having?
  • Perhaps you're just numb and not feeling connected to your baby?
  • Do you feel unsupported by your partner, family and friends?


Whatever you are struggling with this will be a confidential and supportive space where you can truly be honest about what is going on in you and around you.


Postnatal depression has been nicknamed the "smiling depression" because so many women feel under pressure by society to be happy and grateful when a baby comes into their life they pretend to the outside world (and often to themselves) that all is well.


This is a free, open group for anyone to attend with or without baby. You don't have to be in the midst of depression to attend, if you simply have a sense of struggling with the feelings and thoughts brought on by motherhood then come and join us.


We will use some mindfulness techniques but the group is mainly about supportive listening and sharing - not advice giving or parenting training.


You can RSVP through meet up, by contacting More Mindful or just drop in on the day - you will be welcomed!


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Visit Mindful Mums meet-up group for up to date information.